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A life-long mole and wart sufferer myself, I will show you how I removed them permanently the natural way, and stopped wasting my money on expensive medical procedures and over-the-counter products!

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Chris Gibson Being Featured on Doug Kaufmann’s Popular Show “Know The Cause”.

And I Challenge YOU To Experience The Fast And Dramatic Results For Yourself Today!

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These are pictures of one of our customers, Manuel Rivera, and they show how quickly you can remove moles, warts, or skin tags by using the natural methods provided in No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags. Results will vary from individual to individual.

America’s #1 Alternative To Medical/Surgical Treatments!

I know that what I am about to reveal to you can be almost impossible to believe. But it is 100% truth!

I am about to let you in on the little secrets that permanently removed my unsightly moles and warts, without any harsh medical procedures or painful over-the-counter products, and changed my life forever.

I’ll show you the fast and easy way to get rid of your stubborn skin moles, warts, plantar warts, genital warts, and even skin tags, so you too can get out there and LIVE your life … without the fear and health risks they present …

Chris GibsonMy name is Chris Gibson and like you, I have had my own difficult battles with moles and warts.

Their very existence literally interfered with the things I love to do, which is writing, gardening, and working with my hands, not to mention I hated the way that they looked. As a natural health practitioner, I already knew about the dangerous and contagious nature of warts, and the predisposition of some moles to become cancerous.

So you can imagine that I have tried every method available to have these removed. I have had the extremely painful freezing and burning medical sessions, only to be left with a serious wound that took weeks to heal. Even with all of the pain and down time I endured, they still aggressively returned.

I also spent countless dollars on useless over-the-counter products that gave me absolutely no results whatsoever. Yes, my moles and warts even defied every doctor I visited, and their expensive solutions and treatments. They were painful nuisances that got in the way of living my everyday life.

I didn’t think I would EVER get rid of the moles and warts that had frustrated me for so long. Then, I finally discovered a different and viable solution to these common problems.

However, because of my experience so far, I was very skeptical at first. I desperately wanted to feel better about myself and I wanted the moles and warts GONE – so, I gave it a shot.

After only three days, imagine my excitement when the moles and warts I had treated, magically dried up and disappeared! Even though I am a total skeptic …


My moles and warts had totally disappeared in just a few days, and I finally had the clear and healthy skin that I had always wanted – and my confidence and self-esteem went through the roof!

Still I worried they might return. As with previous attempts to get rid of my moles and warts, there would be a brief period of success followed by the inevitable disappointment of their return several weeks later.

However, this time it was different. Since I removed them myself, over twenty years have passed. I can honestly and confidently say, “MY MOLES AND WARTS HAVE NEVER RETURNED AND THEY NEVER WILL!”

I wrote my story and I am sharing the methods I used because you need to know you can take control of your skin problems yourself and do something about them naturally and inexpensively.

I talk about this on radio and television shows and the questions and concerns are always the same. You need to know there is another way!

I want to help you because I do not want you to continue going through what I went through on a daily basis for so many years. I know what it is like to deal with these types of problems on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I know how annoying and frustrating moles, warts, and skin tags are on your life! I care about you and I am 100% confident that with my help you can become mole, wart, and skin tag free as I did!

Do You Want To Have …
  • Freedom from the pain and irritation of your unsightly moles, warts, or skin tags?
  • No more endless days of fighting a losing battle with these problems? To wake up and enjoy the rest of your day knowing your skin is clear and pain-free, and STAYS that way?
  • The information about how you can naturally REMOVE moles, warts, or skin tags at the root without any scarring? Money in your pocket instead of continuously paying for doctor visits, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications?
  • Your body back? To have the ability to do what you like, whenever you want, without having to worry about how your skin looks? Freedom from the inconvenience of what you can and cannot wear, and what you can and cannot do?
  • Confidence and self-esteem that goes through the roof? Imagine what getting rid of your moles, warts, or skin tags will do for you … No more covering them up or trying to hide them. No more staying at home because you are afraid someone will stare and make fun of you. You will be Finally FREE!
  • Freedom from expensive and ineffective products, their side effects, and the daily grind of putting harsh unknown chemicals on your skin?
If so … This Will Be the Most Important Information You Will EVER Read! Let Me Ask You:
  • Do you have moles, warts, or skin tags that are constantly irritated or even bleeding?
  • Are you constantly self-conscious about your moles, warts, or skin tags?
  • Have you tried any painful medical techniques like freezing, burning, or even surgery with little or no long-term results?
  • Is your skin always dry, itching, and peeling from the side effects of chemicals and drugs?
  • Do you have trouble looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see?
  • Do you avoid certain activities due to your mole, wart, or skin tag problem?
  • Do you find yourself hiding your skin when other people are around?
  • Are you spending ridiculous amounts of money with little or no results?
By Reading Your Copy of No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™, you will be shown how to … Stop All of the Above!
  • You will find that your moles, warts, and skin tags will start to disappear – if not TOTALLY be gone – in as little as 3 days.
  • You will be able to spend more time doing the things that you do without fear of pain, infection, or embarrassment.
  • You will feel better and look better, and your self-confidence and self-esteem will go through the roof!
  • Plus, you will always have the ability to remove any new moles, warts, or skin tags if they ever appear again at no extra cost. After trying this simple, inexpensive approach, I have been mole, wart, and skin tag free for over twenty years!

Your Copy of No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™, will give you clear, concise, easy to follow, and step-by-step directions so you can …

  • Eliminate most – if not ALL – of your moles, warts, and skin tags in as little as 3 days!
  • Get back to living your life without fear of pain and anxiety.
  • Do everything you have always wanted to do, but were not confident enough to pursue.
  • Have a permanent solution for unsightly moles, warts, and skin tags for you and your entire family.
You Can See An Immediate and Dramatic Change With Your Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags By Following My Advice …

But why would you want to listen to me? Because you will be listening to a trusted and recognized authority on the subject. I’ve been featured in the media, both national and abroad, where I am invited to speak about several of my alternative health books and approaches. Here are some of my recent appearances.

Fox 26 News

This is me being interviewed on “Fox 26 News.”

Great Day SA Show

Here I am making a live appearance on CBS’s “Great Day SA Show.”

The A Channel Morning Show

“The A Channel Morning Show” welcomed me in Canada on a beautiful day.

Know The Cause

Another picture from Doug Kaufmann’s “Know The Cause”.

Your Life A to Z Show

This is me appearing live on the “Your Life A to Z Show.”

AM Arizona Show

Here I am being interviewed on the “AM Arizona Show.”

Fox 29 News First

This is an interview I did on “Fox 29 News First.”

Daily Buzz

Here is an appearance I did on The CW’s “Daily Buzz”.

Here is a Sampling of How the #1 Best Selling Book, No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™ Can Help You:
  • Discover the only proven, natural way to heal, restore, and have beautiful, healthy skin. You will use the same exact methods that I used to keep my skin … mole, wart, and skin tag free for over 20 years. It is the practical way to repair your self-esteem and increase your confidence. By the time you finish following the steps in my book, you will know you look good and you will feel great!
  • No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™ is designed to be an easy-to-use program in the privacy of your home. You don’t have to worry about making time consuming and expensive doctor visits, or enduring the painful and risky side effects of the popular medical procedures available. Instead of having to wait out a lengthy healing process, you will be back to living your life and doing what you love in no time!
  • Attain long-term, permanent results without ANY side effects. I will expose the myth of the ‘promised cure’ offered by over-the-counter products and painful freezing and burning treatments. I used these therapies myself and suffered the extreme side effects without lasting results. My book will help you to accomplish your goal of having mole, wart, and skin tag free skin without having to endure the same treatments I did.
  • No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™ reveals how you can STOP these skin problems at their source. My book goes beyond the on-going myths about the nature of moles, warts, and skin tags and why you actually have them. You will also learn what specific things cause these problems and what simple steps you can take to get rid of them permanently.
  • Gain immediate access to the removal methods that leave your skin undamaged and scar free. Permanent scarring is the number one concern of people who attempt to remove these skin problems. Most of the traditional methods for removing these types of skin issues have a high risk of producing scarring and discoloration. The all natural methods outlined in the book not only painlessly remove these problems, but also give you the ability to remove them with zero risk of scarring.
  • Unearth the amazingly inexpensive, practical, and natural way to address your skin condition. I give you the same easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions I used to rapidly clear these skin issues. You can stop wasting your money and throw away all of the expensive over-the-counter products you have been using, which have not given you the permanent results that you seek and desire.
  • Suitable for use on all skin types. Your skin has the amazing capability of constant regeneration from within. The methods in my book capitalize on your own body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. These are the very same methods people from all around the world are using to achieve a smooth, glowing, and healthy skin.
  • Your moles, warts, and skin tags will no longer be standing in your way! Being free of them means you’ll be more attractive and healthy looking. Your overall health will improve and you will have the ability to do many of the things you have not been able to do because of your skin problem. You are not going to find this information anywhere else!
Long-Lasting, Permanent Results Without The Ongoing Monthly Expense

Woman PictureBefore I found this solution, I battled moles and warts the same way you are doing today – with over-the-counter products, medications, and expensive, painful medical procedures – hoping against hope that they would disappear one day.

Unfortunately, I can tell you from experience that those solutions will not work; most of them just provide temporary relief from the symptoms and the other options have a high recurrence rate (Your mole, wart, or skin tag returns). The reason: they do not go to the root of the problem and remove these skin problems at their source.

Today, instead of fearing the that I might contract a wart or have an unsightly mole, I have confidence to do all the things I enjoy doing! It is such a relief to know I can remove any moles, warts, or skin tags, if they should appear on my skin again.

Those who do not have them or have to deal with them will never understand. To them it’s like, “What’s the Big Deal?”

Well, no matter which way you look at it, MOLES, WARTS, AND SKIN TAGS HURT YOU!

Emotionally, psychologically, and physically, they hurt on a daily basis. They can and will cause embarrassment, frustration and even infection, at any point in your life.

They create low self-esteem and a bad self-image, hindering you from enjoying and sharing your talents and abilities with others. They are painful and can cause scarring that remains with you for the rest of your life.

MOLES, WARTS, AND SKIN TAGS ARE A BIG DEAL … And you do not have to suffer from them ANYMORE!

Trust me, I’ve been there. I tried everything, before I finally figured out how to get rid of them …

How About YOU?
  • How much have YOU gone through?
  • How much have YOU spent with little or no relief?
  • How much have YOUR moles, warts, or skin tags cost YOU?

Compared to the cost of doctor visits, over-the-counter remedies, and painful medical procedures, this program pays for itself over and over again … year in and year out. AND, you will be FREE from YOUR moles, warts, and skin tags!

I know what your skin problems are doing to you. As I travel around the world and speak to people from many different countries, no matter where they live – the problem is always the same. They cannot find a permanent solution for them that works.

I get asked the same question whether I am on the radio, television, or in a newspaper interview. What can I do to safely, painlessly, and effectively remove my moles, warts, or skin tags? I see the same frustration and pain in people that I experienced myself …

Here’s Where I Help YOU Get Better

The methods in my book will work … when you work with them. I can give you directions and show you the way – but only YOU can make it work for yourself.

Now, if you’re getting excited about the idea of finally living without moles, warts, and skin tags but are worried you won’t be able to afford your own copy of No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™, let me put your mind at ease right now …

My book is jam-packed with years of research and helpful information on understanding your specific type of skin problem, and a simple, practical, and easy-to-do natural program that really works!

I can easily sell this information for over $150.00, considering the yearly costs you are already incurring with medical procedures and over-the-counter products.

However, thanks to the reduced costs involved with doing business on the Internet and my sincere wish to HELP as many mole, wart, and skin tag sufferers as possible – I have decided to offer you immediate access to the program for the one-time cost of $37.00.

Banish Your Moles, Warts, And Skin Tags Now!
Claim YOUR Copy of No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™


You will also receive access to download the five bonuses described below as your free gifts for purchasing today. The best part is, you can have the ebook version within minutes from now because it is available for instant download!

Please keep in mind these are “limited time special” prices and I can only guarantee them for the next few days only. After that they will be increased back to the normal price, so please act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity. If you come back tomorrow, and the “limited time special” prices are gone, there’s nothing I can do – Buy today and save up to $30.00!

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Better Than Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand nothing works for 100% of the population, 100% of the time. Anyone who says they have something that does so is being untruthful. Therefore, your order today is backed 100% by the following better than risk-free 60 day money back guarantee:

“If after sincerely giving the natural methods within No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags™ a try, you do not find this helpful in removing your moles, warts, or skin tags – I will give you a full refund of the purchase price – and you can take 60 days to decide.”

Do you want to be mole, wart, and skin tag free? If you are willing … I can and will show you the way!

It has been twenty years since I found this program, and I am thankful every day that it has “given me my life back, to do the things I love to do.” Now I want to do the same for you.


Why Wait?

You can continue to search high and low, and you can continue to use the same solutions that have not been working with little or no effect for you all this time. But I can tell you that you won’t be able to get rid of your moles, warts, or skin tags for the long haul.

I am not a medical person and I do not give medical advice. I simply share my personal story of what has worked for me and helped hundreds of thousands of clients.

I’ve already made all of the mistakes for you – tried all of the so-called “ultimate procedures” – and had all of the other treatments, drugs, and products … But, they were all FAILURES!

Stop wasting your precious time going through the trial and error routine that I did – many years worth of pain and irritation. You can have over twenty years of experience for less than $67.00, only $37.00 RIGHT NOW!

A Warning About Competitors
  1. Unlike competitors who have a limit on the number of moles, warts, or skin tags you can remove per bottle, you will be able to remove an unlimited number with this book. Stop paying them over and over again for a product that does not work. Pay only once and remove as many moles, warts, or skin tags as you wish!
  2. Don’t be fooled by look-a-like sites and copy-cat authors. Due to the popularity of my book, there can be unscrupulous individuals providing false and misleading information. This is the only proven program (the original) that can help you remove your moles, warts, or skin tags in 3 days naturally. Don’t sell yourself short and get the real deal today!
Make A Permanent Change In Your Life!

Male PictureYou will have a step-by-step program to help you throughout the entire easy process. The actual price is minimal, considering you are probably spending much more each month in over-the-counter products, doctor visits, or medical procedures alone!

Neither of those will get rid of your moles, warts, or skin tags permanently – plus you’ll have to put up with the side effects and potential risk of scarring and infection. The only side effect from using this Program is RESULTS!

This is NOT about medical procedures or expensive over-the-counter solutions that do not work. This is about banishing YOUR Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags in as little as 3 days – no matter how long you’ve had them or what else you have tried.

Please understand the “popular” consumable products are not designed to cure anything. They do not penetrate the skin deep enough to have any lasting effect. They are designed for the specific purpose of having you, the consumer, keep spending your money over and over again without long-lasting results.

After years of countless visits to my doctor, expensive medical procedures and using painful over-the-counter products, I thought my moles and warts would never go away. But I found a way to banish them in just a few days from the comfort of my own home.

Now, after twenty years of being MOLE, WART, AND SKIN TAG FREE and sharing this “Secret” with my friends and family over the years, I am making it available to you! I know what it’s like to have to deal with them, and I know how terrible they can make you feel.

By following this program to the tee, you will learn exactly how I removed my moles and warts in just 3 days, and how YOU can do the same.

Do you want to continue on the same cycle of waking up to disappointment and frustration, or do you long for the day when you will no longer suffer from moles, warts, and skin tags?

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P.S. Don’t forget, I’m taking all the risk … If you don’t get the same life-changing results that I did, I’ll refund every penny. What have you got to lose (except for your crippling moles, warts, and skin tags?) Try it now!

P.P.S. Don’t forget the “Limited Time Special Prices” can only be guaranteed for the next few days only. After that they will be increased back to the normal price, so please act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Again, if you come back tomorrow, and the “limited time special” prices are gone, there’s nothing I can do – Buy today and save up to $30.00!